Chad & Jess

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Chad and Jess, Summer of 2010.

JnCnewsletter – the tell all story of the two people who love each other more than anyone could ever love. This is a Romeo, Juliet story with the characters being Chad and Jess; A real life story. A story I felt the world needed to read, a story I too was not able to let go of; til now.

Why? Because there is a lot of mixed stories going around about the two of us. Jealously of those who have never had someone love them in return. Some who never got to hear both sides, it’s a great story to create a novel, and its a love I’m not embarrassed of sharing.

Over the last 6 years we have gone from being soul mates, to loosing who we are with and without each other. We have both changed so much and have different perspectives of each other. We have gone through romance, abuse, hatred, can’t live without each other, to now being able to finally love someone else. It’s been a roller coaster, we will always be the ‘the one’ to each other. Throughout life though, we have learned we are the complete opposite of each other and we didn’t have it in us to work as a team and have each others backs, so here we are 6 years later going from; better or worse to I could put a restraining order on him. I never thought I could imagine life without him, in away I guess he will truly always be with me. No one will ever replace us, but there is better out there for us, someone who can make us feel like we’re on the top of the world… and here I am hoping our story brings knowledge to the world about love; hoping now our novel together has ended after 2,190 days and there is someone new to spice up our lives and bring smiles to our faces. Even though, I dislike him to this day I will always love him…. we all deserve a chance at happiness; because reality; is a battle field within itself… there’s a saying/lyrics which I live by; I will not forgive him for what he’s done. As I could not have done it in return, he was always first before myself, and I was unsure why he put himself before me – a lesson learned; but I know he loved me just like I loved him.

We’re all in the same game, just different levels. Dealing with the same hell, just different devils.”

Music is a big thing in our lives, it reminds us of each other; there’s always a memory or a story within the lyrics for one of us.this side of the story is told by me; Jess. ♡ a.k.a J because no one got a chance to hear it.