Hi my name is Jess, this is my way of introducing myself to the world from seeing my story through my eyes. This is about an epic love story, that somehow turned to hate. A story I would love to one day see written into a novel, to sell my story or to rewrite my life myself. This will be the truth between the lies, the cheating, the abuse, the drugs, the hidden android applications, the epic blackberry, the tell all tale of how when, I was 21 I fell in love with a man who was 5 years older than me, in 2010. To find out he was somebody completely different, I tried to help rebuild him from the torture his family had put him through so that he did not have to follow in the shadows of the men who helped raised him. However, I was used, abused and shoved under the rug when he needed someone to blame. This is a story of two people who use to dance the night away in the living room, the best of friends who have each others names tattooed on their left wrists.. “ink on paper fades but on skin it stays” to be ripped apart by two different types of social lives. No one will ever have what we have and that is what you call “magic”. I have fallen, but I am here to stand on my own to let the world know.. there’s always two sides to a story…”I believe in music like others believe in fairy tales and our story is within the lyrics.” Hello, I’m J