The mean girl blog


Homewrecker; a word we all cringe too. When in this world did Ashley Madison start and have it okay to meet people for an affair. I wish I could tell you that he went looking for her, however he was manipulated by his friends to get with her. She is a country girl; you know the trash that bleaches their hair, but are to over weight for it to look good. When they have a playboy bunny over sized necklace on, they smile but their canine teeth are an off yellow colour to the rest of their teeth. You could tell she was full of herself, but when I look at my friends who are super hot and then her, I think honey you are the nastiest thing I have ever seen. I have never met Leannah Brighton, although I want too. The first time she came in pretending to be Chad’s friend and helping him with an apartment, an off part of her barn on her parents farm.. where she slowly apparently moved in after with her dishes and her ugly pink bathroom towels. I was kind to her, let her know he was still seeing me too, maybe she was unaware; I had hope. Now when this ( this might be rude; it’s unlike me I know. She deserves it. ) nasty ass fat ass cow who walks a rabies infested fat ass pig on a leash everywhere, comes back and tries to ruin our relationship once again. I label this tramp a; homewrecker, I did threaten Leannah, but is it truly a threat? When I was serious. I would have seriously have grab this chick by her greasy hair and taken a pair of scissors and cut her hair off, I would have grabbed her by the head and curbed her with a pair of my sexy DC kicks. I would have run her over with my car and perhaps even have slit her throat. This girl was with Chad during our off time for half a year, he has mentioned to me and many others how much he hates her, he even had to punch her in the face. However she’s bigger then him so in UFC that’s a fair fight, I am half the size of her and I have been calling her out to fight for years. Perhaps this homewrecker is to busy being photoshopped into pictures being eaten out by her pig. We will never know? I have never hated anyone in my life, I give dirty looks to girls if their eyeing my guy or laugh at girls who talk shit. However this girl has made one of the worst enemies you could imagine, even though he tells her he hates her, she shows up everywhere. I have been to so much anger management that I have to control my anger which helps in the real world. I would have just let the past be the past, but is it not sad – her continuous comments how she wants (not that it happened or might have) to be his baby daddy, while he’s with another girl. I have OCD and my obsession with eliminating this girl has gotten out of control. To now 2 years later, as I grow up; laugh, at how nasty she is. I wonder if she can even afford a bra? ekk cause I don’t know if those are milk utters or just another roll above her belly button. I did have to make a mean girl blog because I sit here egging her on to prove to her that she meant nothing. Plus we all want a YouTube video of little Jess kicking big Fat Leannah’s wide load ass… or at least I do.. 💕 my camera crew is ready 💤… for a one on one knock out… but she’ll always be a no-show.. cause she’s a nobody. SLUT. Now back to the real story… one she was eliminated from a long time ago.


Straight Edge; Country girl vs the Party Animal; City girl. that alone screams; you’re dead 😂🤔 you’re lucky; I’ve moved on, let’s just say that; you’re someone else’s homewrecking problem.


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