The Draygonfly.


Row row row your boat!. It was a beautiful summer day, Chad and I had decided to do what we do best, go fishing! It was one of the things we did together to escape from reality. When you think of fishing, right away Chad & Jess come to mind. It was so cute we even decorated a tackle box together, where we put all our fishing stuff – labeled with our names. We use to do stuff like that all the time, he even decorated his bat for softball in my favourite colours, green and purple. We always made the little things about each other, because we were always “that” girl or “that” guy, that was my favourite part; being more special then anyone else. One of the things that made dragonflies our thing is we went on an adventure up north. We jumped in a paddle boat and paddled around a huge lake, thinking it was a great idea to fish from it. During our ride within the paddle boat a dragonfly came and landed right on Chad. I mean he hung out with us for like half an hour and hitched a free ride, we blew at him, made fun of him but it didn’t seem like he was going anywhere. He was so pretty, as all draygonflies are, until Chad caught a big fish and then we realized perhaps fishing in a paddle boat wasnt the best idea we have ever had. He caught a huge pickerel and we tried to knock it out with our shoe.. none-less; we totally took it home and ate it, it was a delicious fishy. Those are the memories I miss, the man before he decided to put on the V mask and wear it; with attitude. That’s why the draygonfly is so important to the both of us, it’s when we realized how much magic really was between us, and when the world was a lot less complicated; it was just the two of us.

Facts; A draygonfly will travel up to 100 miles in one day. Some adult dragonflies live only for a few weeks while others live up to a year. Nearly all of the dragonfly’s head is; eye, so they have incredible vision that encompasses most every angle, except; right behind them.

One of his favourites he sent me♫♫♬


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