He loves me?


It was better than before, we were back to writing each other lists with music titles. I was sending him sexy cute pictures while he was away. He would bring me home wraps from sobeys that were so good, for supper. We were back on track, planning a family life, he wanted me to come off birth control and we had even talked about moving to another location, since where I was wasnt in the best of locations. I attended his friend’s birthday party, where I met some new friends he gathered along the way, we were known as the beer pong champions. Nothing new, as on my side of the world I am the beer pong champion, I learned how to play at White Sands; I was pro. They were not the usual type of people I would hang with all about 10 years older than me, but they were nice and welcoming. I got along with most of them that I had met and I thought maybe for once we could have some mutual friends; hardly how it worked out. I went to his men’s baseball it took a few innings until I got introduced to the boys which; now makes sense and we know where  center of the problem really began. He would hold me and cuddle me when we would lay in bed. He took the time to try to fix my electronics that were broken to just end up breaking them even more, he is not good with fixing electronics. We spent hours trying to figure out how to play our music from our YouTube on the tv to getting a different Netflix. I remember passing out on the bean bag chair to waking up to him with some new thing discovered. He promised not to join co-ed and he did it anyways so we all know by now this is where the story went wrong. The last chapter of Chad and Jess did not last as long as I had hoped. There was no fun events to Niagara, no sexy beach time with Jess in a bikini. It was all hidden behind doors, we could have been so much more. It was such a disappointment; but to have five minutes to lay in Chad’s arms I would have sacrificed everything; and that I did.


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