Summer of 2013; epic


The party was amazing, every night of every day. I had just got myself back after a relationship where I was not allowed to do anything. I went to a party that we will all remember, going up with one gal and returning back to our city with a bunch of new friends. We all loved each other, we are all smoking hot and knew exactly how to party. Our friendships grew and we all loved each other so much crazy how we all got along. As we all brought in more and more people from previous groups we became one of the biggest party groups known in Waterloo. I had no choice but to let Chad go in the summer of 2013, after he returned back in March as promised. You should have seen these boys, tanned, tatted, tall, young and ready to party. My heart synced to one in May of 2013, perhaps that’s what made it easier to let go of Chad. He was gorgeous, funny as hell and defiantly talented. I learned so much from this new group, I cried in front of them, laughed, I even puked all over one of them. There was no such thing as embarrassed or to drunk or to fucked up. We all had each other backs, I have never experienced so many best friends at one time. Awake for a week at a time and so on, I had so many activities to attend and finally became a girl who couldn’t care about planing for a family life. I was jumping out of planes; sky diving, to tattooing my entire back, drag racing each other, to changing my hair a hundred times. I would wake up to phone calls in the early am, have cuddle fests with the cutest boys. It’s like the heavens above knew I needed this; after ignoring Chad and hacking his stuff so I no longer had to hear from him. I thought I was free, free from a pain I almost didn’t survive. We all need a year off to party and thats exactly what I did, I quit my job and enrolled into college and partied harder than ever before. Of course some judged, not everyone agreed with the choices of drugs we found ourselves surrounded by, some of us went on our own adventures while some of us missed them. We have some of the best videos, from wanting to adopt panda’s from the zoo, to ordering McDonald’s in a mask wasted or running around uptown in costumes fucking with people. I got to have the best college party experience of all time and made so many new friends. I will always thank them, they secretly unknownly saved me from world domination by Chad stealing my youth from me and they returned it back to me full force. The carefree, love everyone almost a hippy vs city kind of life is what we lived. I was no longer that shy girl.. DrunkJESSisbestJESS haha. It was fun while it lasted. Intensified.



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