Blue-eyed warrior


As I faced the world alone, another ending between Romeo and his J. It was so different, a new type of adventure. I am a 5″5 – 135lbs – little framed blue-eyed, natural blonde. I am half British and half Scottish, with size 5 kids shoes. I get picked on a lot for the way I say words, but at the end of the day, I am one proud fuckin’ Canadian Eh!. I have always lived life a little different, bar hopping-uptown every night of the week. Partying non stop with the university students and damn let’s just say they threw some awesome after parties. I love adventure time, if it’s the casino and texas hold’em ( yah I’m pretty good ) or going to a big forest getting fucked – getting lost and trying to find our way out at 1am – a mini bush party. I love painting or drawing, I guess I never looked at life the same others did, which made me come across as an air head. I don’t use electronics, I have no idea about word or excel. Chad’s new game candy crush, or about changing his Z10 blackberry into an android and it needing a blackberry tunnel manager on my laptop, I didn’t even clue in. Two years later, I’m one hell of a hacker for decoding APK’s/BAR’s, and I would like to send out, a special thank you to a shit ton of my favourite drug ♡ Pro drugs over here lol. Long hours, curiosity trying to get this ‘shit’ off my electronics, to smashing my laptop off the wall and having these reappear on my own cellular device. It took a while to figure it out, I had a nexus and he had a blackberry-apparently, I was considered an android. Best timing of my life; 2014 I lost my dad when he was 54 n I was at the age of 25. It was one of the toughest things I have ever had to go through, his heart condition had got the best of him and it was an unexpected death, 5 days before his birthday. I indulged in a bit of rock, M, THC, and loads of alcohol, for a while. I was in no state to function within societies limits, I had fallen hard.

xo♡ º The song I dedicated to my dad “A biker; may he be riding his Harley Davidson in Heaven.” 1959-2014. He was an amazing man, he taught me to stick up for myself. So this fights for you dad, I hope you watch over me. He will never be forgotten and I will always miss and love him may he R.I.P – daddy’s little girl. º ♡ox

To perform spyware on my electronics,.. lets just say this is where the story starts, the part he forgot to tell before filming me. Yes, I had a free loader in my apartment who would not go home or we would “be over” ‘concerned’ about me. In this state, especially as he too indulged in such activities, spyware is the #1 no no. I became a crazy little brit/scottish red-head, and that’s where his story started. I could never imagine allowing anyone to put someone on such a rollercoaster of life, let alone be the one to portray such a thing. I always went to my dad for advice, as my mom never understood the red-head scottish temper; I am an only child. I could just hear him, ‘sit at the door with a riffle and wait for whoever is watching you’. Oh yes, did I forget to leave out this part? He had coded his apps in french and then into japanese language on a blackberry. I had found the hidden apps but they were a bunch of non sense, no one understood, I even asked him. I dropped down to 100lbs and that brings us back to the day I was arrested for a health act. Oh let me tell you why I feel I am now a little warrior, he had me sent away the day after my birthday on a Saturday, after fighting back 3 grown cops – I was no longer on Santa’a good list. Oppss; I was born to party hard with all of Canada because my birthday weekend always has fireworks and celebrate Canada’s birthday also. That year not so much, after returning home a bit later, I left Chad, the man I couldn’t live with out… The man I needed more than always, to find that during that time he had advanced those apps, and empty my bank account ( wasnt much couple grand ). Happy birthday toooo meeeeeeeeeee! 4.5 years into our relationship; I didn’t see it coming, to watch me struggle with the paranoia of these app when they were his – among some others. But to learn Sara Forbes was already set for a back up girlfriend, like I said he always over laps his women, if you seen this girl, no amount of love would want him back if he was with that. I had to move on, to then 6 months after my dads passing, his father passes, and I tend a funeral where I put my dads ashes that haunted me with disappointment to lay with his father’s body. Where he could too finally be protected where ever they go, and I be free of all men. The men in my life were just disappearing my dad, my grandpa, my boyfriend of 5 years all within 6 months, I learned what girl power was all about; trust me when I say boys just might be right about one thing- us gals sure can get a little cray!. I faced all my fears, insects, bugs, thunderstorms/lightening, scary movies, costumes, among a few other things. I could almost say I am fearless now. I am not the type to start drama, I barely have and I don’t do it often cause one something starts between women we are catty and it will be a forever fight. I was not in the right state of mind there was a home wrecker back in 2012 3 weeks before my birthday .. the pig farm girl in a previous blog, who shows up at one of his games, and then starts adding his friends and family a few months later – I will make a very ‘mean girl blog’ about Leannah Brighton in the future but spoiler alert; she’s knee-high in pig shit on a daily basis, doesn’t own make up, has the worst style in clothes I have ever seen in my entire life. I’m a big clothes/shoe aholic and I almost want to donate to her but my side 5 wouldn’t fit, I’m missing a 1 and I dont think they make my brands in a size 15. Or I would, cause well we donate to the needy right, she always after my man, why not all my guess jeans too. I threatened to kill her, I physically went after a policeman, my ex is a snitch, my old apartment; gals obsessed with Chad and those who could see me via Chads spyware as he had his camera folders set public, and god knows who else, I became my own super hero. I call her JayJay 🙂 I bulked up, as a shield; I drove my 5 speed Honda LX Sport VTech like I was on a racetrack, it was almost like I was in a video game. If only I was in a video game or a movie, the joys of being broke and needing money for my expertise. If it’s because of Chad, sweetheart, we branded each other, he’ll always be mine – you’ll always be a nobody. However, I dont got no time for country people ( aka: I dont like country music ). Not when the situation didnt make sense to me, I wish I could understand but I am sure my facial expression can say it all. When approach you might see ya .. huh .. let’s go.. or wtf; cause I do not know you, you must introduce yourselves. You will not meet the funny little punk who parties and loves music, you’re going to get the blue-eyed warrior who just lost all the men in here life and has become fearless a little natural strawberry blonde redhead outraged in rage, and I’d rather be the air head – alcoholic; drug user. I’m just saying’ that’s all for now about, the blue eyed warrior. I will play, but; I dont like games.


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