The love of my life.


The love of my life; that’s what he called me. Those are the words you would see above my number within his cellular device. It didn’t take long for us to start talking about a family, to be honest I never wanted to be a mom. It’s not something I ever for seen myself becoming. I am a well-known party girl; not a slut, I am always in a relationship. However I can pound down a 26er in no time and would totally snort a line off your girlfriends ass. I love loud music and making myself look like an idiot by dancing around the dance floor. I guess after 6 years of dance, its nice to think you’re a fairy with no correspondence structure to follow. With Chad though it was different, I wanted to be that family that went to the park, who sat down with big freezes and chilled and hung out. I could picture us at his softball, some sort of game with an over sized ball they under hand to each other; a child’s game, watch and just support him. I could see myself making dinner and being apart of something we both never had; a perfect family. That’s the picture he drew for me; a goal he made me set for myself; Mrs. More. I love you more Mr.More thats what you heard within our house hold, all the time. Man was I right, I defiantly loved him a lot more than he ever could imagine loving anyone else. I use to comment on how perfect his baseball bum was, and he would comment on how almond-shaped my eyes were. We lifted each other up, we brought out the best in each other, we adapted so well to each others love-that it was the one in a life time kind of love. Not many people get to experience it, and I guess in a way I am glad to be left with good memories equally out with the bad.  The sex life use to amazing, bent over the back of my car, up against a pick up, in a hot dress in the back seat of his car… the outdoors; and I’m not usually an outdoors kind of person; I’m a city girl.. but what can I say, Chad and I loved adventure.

♡ The good days ♡



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