The Sleep Of Your Life

When the nights get dark and the days seem to feel longer and longer. We both put so many hours into a workplace and we found less and less time to spend with each other. The best part of every day was coming home and him be passed out, he would instantly hear me and want to cuddle right away. I would instantly put my head on his chest, the sound of his heart beat would put me right to sleep. Having a heart condition that I was born with; an irregular heart beat the same condition my father struggled with…it was just the way my heart would sync with his. At that moment everything in the world didn’t matter.. I use to call it my paradise. However in reality… my advice to you is, never get dependent on something or anyone, because nothing in this world last forever. Two years of never spending a night apart, it became a passion to lay in his arms, to nap, to cuddle and then 3 years of on and off… and now a year and a half without him… lets just say… I still miss the sound of his heart beat.


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