Our second home

20160423_194948Have you ever had a place you escape too? A place you can be anyone you want, a place where when you arrive a smile comes across your face?. That is Niagara for Chad and I, our second home. We have spent so much time in this world we call “our place”. We have been through a lot, even if the world has taken us to a place to be with someone else.. we always found ourselves here .. together.. even if we had to tell lies to those who were left at home by themselves. I still will never get the concept of why others think they will be number one to either of us, when this world will always and only be a Chad and Jess story. He will always cheat on you with me he always comes home… and here is where the magic begins. Have you ever ran down the street photo bombing pictures? Or spent hours in an arcade because your boyfriend just can’t stand losing to you in basketball throw. Have you ever got so high, that you walk around in circles holding hands and making out until you realize you’ve already passed the same thing like five times… Have you ever had some of the best unprotected sex.. cause with Chad and Jess its always unprotected… and just lay there with him inside you? Have you ever sat on his lap while you guys play your favourite slot machine and when the wizards come you get so excited… but you even stay and spend what ever winnings you have… unless its  big.. cause then we’d run off and get married is what we always said… I bet you haven’t .. I bet you don’t have a place like we do in Niagara Falls.. and if you do, cherish it… because one day someone might take all that away from you. However, never us.. this will always be a place with our memories and second our idenities ♡ This will always be our second home.


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