Music is our tunnel

2010, seems so far.. and yet so close. “I wanted everything to remain the same but people change and feelings fade.” When nights were filled with us making playlist after playlist.. showing each other what song reminds us of each other, why and what memories we have. To be able to listen to songs to bring back the memories of what was once there. I can remember it so clearly, how our attachment to the music and entertainment grew. As always we are opposite, you are an Ed Sheerdan, backstreet boys type and I am a simple plan, Eminem kind of girl. Even though our taste in music was so different it was our tunnel to each other when we had to go our own ways to grow within life.. as there was a generation gap between us. I remember the first song you ever dedicated to me… and I just wished those words could have stuck. There will be days where I cannot listen to certain songs, but I’m glad we found a way to remember each other as others salvage to tear us apart… society, the brutal undertakers of someone so easily convinced … I guess that’s why we were perfect because I was your other half.. the solider against all evil, but one can only stand tall for so long and after 5 years,.. I will admit, I fell. “The lyrics have written our story.” – The JnCnewsletter

Back to the beginning♡                                   “THE SUMMER OF 2010”




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